Is Ethereum a good investment in 2022? 5 reasons to believe it is!

Is Ethereum a good investment in 2022? 5 reasons to believe it is!

Ethereum has already captured the attention of big businesses across the globe. If you’re trying to predict whether or not Ethereum will be worth the investment in 2022, here are five reasons why you should believe it will be!

Reason 1: Casper – Ethereum a good investment

One of Ethereum’s core features, Casper, has been available on testnet since Q2 2018. Casper will be activated with Metropolis, which should happen sometime in 2019. Once live on mainnet, Casper will likely bring several benefits including better governance (through validators and forks), lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times. It could also lead to exponential gains for Ethereums investors as a whole — let’s dig into why that might be. According to some estimates we could see an annual increase of around 20% following Caspers activation; assuming no additional gains occur through higher volatility etc., such growth would bring Ethereums price up to about $10k USD by 2022 — an impressive figure for sure.

Reason 2: EEA – Ethereum a good investment

Ethereum has partnered with many reputable companies and organizations including Intel, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase and more recently Mastercard. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. The EEA will lead enterprise smart contract platforms and technologies for Ethereum which adds value for its users. Its value as an investor is that you can be sure there will be future development of Ethereum related projects by these companies. There are many more facts pointing towards a successful long-term Ethereum investment; If we learned anything from Bitcoin’s history though it’s that what happens next is anyone’s guess… but you should probably buy some Ether anyway… just in case!

Reason 3: Raiden Network – Ethereum a good investment

In 2018, Vitalik Buterin released his roadmap for Ethereum, revealing plans for its development over time. On top of new features such as sharding and plasma, he also revealed that Ethereum would soon have a layer 2 technology called Raiden Network. This will enable transactions with zero fees and instant confirmation times. It’s part of Ethereum’s master plan to become more scalable as adoption increases.

The Raiden Network uses state channels, which means that transactions can be confirmed off-chain. Once two parties have signed off on a transaction, it can be settled asynchronously through Ethereum itself. This makes confirmations fast and free, as well as enabling low-fee microtransactions. In many ways, state channels are similar to Lightning Network for Bitcoin—but there’s one key difference…

Reason 4: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance – Ethereum a good investment

In 2017, Fortune 500 companies came together with leading blockchain developers on an alliance focused on standards, privacy and security. Ethereum-based technology could be introduced into these organizations with minimal disruption or risk because Ethereum was built to integrate seamlessly into existing systems. This trend will likely accelerate in 2018 and beyond. If you are looking for Ethereum investment advice, keep an eye on big business embracing blockchain-based applications and smart contracts. There are significant implications for any enterprise that relies on accurate data—from supply chain management (where erroneous information could mean product recalls) to financial services (if fraudsters can’t tamper with your records).

Reason 5: Etherscan statistics – Ethereum a good investment

Etherscan has detailed statistics about transactions. The number of wallet addresses, number of transactions and average transaction value are used by Etherscan for statistics. Using Etherscan you can monitor how people use Ethereum and see if any exchange or new ICOs pick up steam. Statistics from Etherscan tell you exactly how successful an Ethereum based project is. When monitoring Etherscan you can also keep an eye on token value growth over time, which makes Ethereum investments more stable than other crypto coins.

Conclusion – Ethereum a good investment

While I cannot speak for Ethereum, I believe that blockchain technology has a bright future. If you’re interested in cryptocurrency as an asset class, I highly recommend exploring Ethereum. It offers something unique that Bitcoin and other coins can’t offer: Smart contracts that truly revolutionize how business will be conducted over the next decade or more.

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