Fitness Equipment Glossary

There are two characteristics, so looking at this can be a tall order for a professional in this field. Also, the constant error of new types of upgrades and machines doesn’t help and can be annoying to the expensive lover. We have chosen to combine and disconnect the more widely accepted terminology relating to permissive tools to truly see it as non-verbal. We can also see where the member works, if any. With words like power, centered P80 control and Smith’s car exhausting you, this race will be your goal. We have compiled all the tools available and are constantly trying to add them to this list.

  • seat for muscle strength
  • Class: Strength
  • The cut of the body depends on: abs

A bench is a sturdy bench that is usually raised on landing, usually with padded legs that wrap around the legs or feet for exercise or sitting. There are also different types of these things where you can perform different tasks.

  • Wheelchair
  • Photography: come on
  • Target body parts: N / A
  • Either way, like a flat bench, it usually converts to a flat bench, seat, or cushion.
  • AMT

A shortened type of Precor AMT (Adaptive Movement Training Machine) and is an expensive machine. You can change and change your style depending on the client, in addition to manual updates.

  • adaptive driving
  • Layer: heart
  • Body parts focused on: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, middle (chest area should include: hamstrings, biceps, back)
  • The Cybex card machine looks very round, but the truck’s faster travel speed limits its impact to the lower joints.
  • trembling jaw
  • Class: Strength
  • The parts of the body focus on: hamstrings, chest and biceps

Amazing robot fucking with force control. There are some tools that will make a customer stand up or stand up and say God bless his heart. The client starts with the arm in a 90 degree point and extends the arms to the present.

  • for driving
  • See the default area.
  • turn the seat
  • Class: Strength
  • Target body parts: N / A

It is also a natural thing called dynamic accidental discrimination. This chair looks like a bench with a padded area facing forward. The client rests his arm on the padded piece of the seat and turns with the right base.


One of the leading manufacturers of luxury home appliances. The thickened part is essential for interfacing electrical appliances with more than 150 individual parts. Cybex is also known for its innovative cardiovascular devices.

  • equivalent parts
  • Class: Strength
  • Target body parts: N / A
  • A weight bench where the client’s legs are higher than their head. It is used for a match that ends in the lower chest.
  • not appropriate
  • Layer: heart

Body parts focused on: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, middle (chest area should include: hamstrings, biceps, back)

A circuit is a stationary electric machine that limits or increases speed. Customers stand on the pedals, which are considered low impact. Part of the curves also have support arms, which I prefer to also think about fixing an additional box. It is also known as a grooved or semicircular and hollow joint.

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